Piano Escapades Giveaway

Wendy Chan's Blog -Piano Escapades has a new Facebook Page 
and a new website full of wonderful Teaching Resources.

She is offering a Giveaway of her  Cutie Critter Rhythm Spinner 
to all who Like the FB page and leave a comment on her Blog 
about the Giveaway. 

I have been reading Wendy's Blog for several months and have 
used some of her Free Downloadable Teaching Aides.

Everyone go to her page! and say 
Weeping Willow Music Studio sent you!

One more day to the work week!

Friday is a slow day generally as I only have 1 afternoon student.

Which means I have errands earlier in the day or a trip to the local Co-Op so I can make copies, creat games or flashcards and LAMINATE everything!


I have been having  several issues this week of No Practicing — or very little practicing.

I am assuming it’s because the excitement / newness of “Piano Lessons” is wearing off and students are realizing they will really have to WORK to be able to play well.


This is my first year teaching so I am not totally sure how to approach the problem.

I have:

told parents,

I’ve sent home guides and hint’s / tips for parents and students ,

Required a Practice Log signed by the parent ( that is new this week the parent signing thing– don’t know how that will go yet),

Have a Practice incentive award for the top practicer in different ages categories for each semester…


Anyone have any other ideas ?

Do you find it’s a yearly occurrence with new students?


Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on the subject.


The Best Job in the World!

Music is part of my earliest memories. My momma singing and rocking me. My Pa teaching me to sing You are my Sunshine… Me picking out the tune of “In the Sweet Bye and Bye” on my Ma’s piano.

I do not remember learning to play the piano, I have simply ALWAYS played.

Much gratitude and thanks to my mother, who started me in the Yamaha Method of Piano Instruction at the age of 3.

Because of piano, I was reading at age 3. Math has always been easy, and … well I have always had a way to relax, to pour out my emotions, to calm myself down and give myself encouragement.

After taking lessons for years, school was over and I began raising a family. Playing the piano was put on the back burner. But I always eventually came back to it. And -just like riding a bicycle- I always remember. But I didn’t teach as an adult, I have been a church piano player.

As I near mid-life there are things I want to accomplish and returning to piano and teaching was at the top of my list.

In July of 2011 Weeping Willow Music Studio officially opened!

It’s now October and I am at 32 students. It is a work in progress. I learn new things every week, about teaching, about myself and about human nature.

I have truly been blessed with the students and families that have become my friends.

I plan to use this space to organize my thoughts on crazy days, to share things as I discover them and to journal the progress of my Studio and Students.